Can acupuncture and moxibustion turn a baby in breech position?Moxibustion Turning Breech Baby

“I wanted to email you to thank you for Saturday, I was floating around all day, I was super relaxed. Also wanted to tell you that it worked – the baby turned!! I have literally just got out the hospital where they confirmed baby is head down! I’m delighted, as you can imagine!! I have done the sticks myself at home a couple of times too, I actually really like the smell of it!! 
Thank you so much for your help, once baby arrives I will absolutely be back for full on acupuncture to realign/fix me!!”  Steph. Camberley

Can acupuncture help with fertility and getting pregnant?

“Jon has been a big part of us getting pregnant and throughout the pregnancy. I really found Acupuncture a big help, with the morning sickness feeling nauseous, the back ache and the anxiety to being prepared for labour. Kept me calm with breathing exercises and less stress. Jon really did help bring our son into the world. Thank you.”  Zoe. Farnborough

Can acupuncture help with Planter Fasciitis?

“I have been visiting Jon at his Blackwater branch for a number of weeks now. I have been suffering with serve Plantar Fasciitis in my left foot for almost 3 years and had got to the point where I would try anything to help ease the pain.

Jon was has a very soothing nature and explains each part of the process in detail to put you at ease. Although I have not managed to get rid of the symptoms fully, Jon’s acupuncture sessions have mean’t I can now walk relativity pain free and the recovery time when my foot is bad has massively reduced. I would not hesitate in recommending Jon and his practice to anyone.”  Ben. Hawley

Can acupuncture help me with pain, arthritis, and my IBS?

“I have been having acupuncture with Jon for osteoarthritis knee pain and ankle pain. Although arthritis won’t go away as it is degenerative, from first treatment I don’t have the constant ache and pain anymore and still don’t several weeks later. I also am an IBS sufferer along with type 2 diabetes and acid reflux and loss of appetite due to my digestive issues.

I have been able to drastically reduce down my medication for my acid reflux and IBS since having treatment and unless I have overindulged both conditions have improved along with my appetite for the more healthier foods. I have had past bad experiences of needles but no problems with the very fine acupuncture needles they really do not hurt. Sleep has also improved too. I can highly recommend Jon he has a very calming influence and has knowledge of nutrition too to help my conditions . Acupuncture is really treating me as a whole .”  Debbie. Blackwater

Does acupuncture help with recovery from cancer?

I was diagnosed with breast cancer and started seeing John after having had my mastectomy and starting reconstruction which was very aggressive surgery. I had been seeing another therapist however she was too far for me to drive so I needed a local person. I found John purely by accident. He has been attentive, caring and listened to all my concerns and ideas and together we have made a plan of care. he has always been available for me to text or email with queries. His treatment has been very helpful for me and I feel he and his treatment are an essential part of my recovery and moving forward. I would always, without hesitation recommend John.