The following treatments might be used alongside Acupuncture depending on your needs.


Cupping is an ancient technique used to treat the blood in a specific area of the body. A vacuum is created in the cup and then put on the skin causing suction. The suction draws blood from the vessels and increases local blood flow.

You may have noticed at the last Olympics some of the worlds top athletes and swimmers appearing with red circles on their backs and shoulders. This is because they are using cupping therapy to increase the healing response after intense exercise. You can see some of them here.


Tui-na Chinese Medical Massage is a traditional Chinese massage technique. There are a variety of styles, some are deep and vigorous, some are gentle and subtle.
Tui-na can be very relaxing however it is primarily used to treat specific problems. Conditions treated include: sports injuries, work-physical and mental stress, frozen shoulder, sprains, neck and back pain.


Moxibustion (Moxa) is a treatment technique that involves the burning of the herb mugwort, to facilitate healing. It has many clinical uses and is mainly used to send heat into the body. There are multiple ways of using moxa. It is either used by moving a moxa stick close to the body (as seen in the picture), by attaching it to the end of an acupuncture needle or by placing it directly on the body.